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Grammar Object Complement

What can be object complement? ( Do Ex. 1 on page 46) 1. Through the window, I could see
the rain c_o_m__i_n_g_d_o_w__n_ in sheets. (-ing形式) 2. Mother made Charles _ti_d_yhis bedroom before he went out. (不带to不定式)

3. Can you smell something _b_u_r_n_in_g__? It must be coming from the kitchen. (-ing形式)
4. When the police arrived, they found the actress _m_u_r_d_e_r_e_d_ in the bathroom. (过去分词)

5. The boss ordered the typist t_o_h__a_v_e all the documents ready. (动词不定式)
6. The robbers forced the man t_o__h_a_n_d_o_v_e_r_ the suitcase. (动词不定式)

7. A lot of practice helped the spokesman _(t_o_)_b_e_c_o_m__e a more fluent speaker. (动词不定式)
8. The hostess had the invitations d__el_i_v_er_e_d_ a week before the party. (过去分词)

宾语补足语是补充宾语的成分,通常置 于宾语之后。宾语和宾语补足语构成复 合宾语。可以用作宾语补足语的有名词、 形容词、副词、介词短语、动词不定式、 v-ing形式和过去分词。能带宾语补足语 结构的动词一定是及物动词。

第一类, 感觉动词, 所接的宾补可以是 v-ing形式,也可以是动词原形。 feel, hear, listen to, notice, observe, see, watch, look at
1. I saw him c_r_o_s_s_/c_r_o_s_s_in_g_ (cross) the road.
2. He was seen _to__c_ro_s_s_/_c_r_o_s_si_n_g_ (cross) the road.

第二类,含使动意义的动词, 所接的宾补多 为动词原形或过去分词。
let, have, get, make, would like, want等。
3. If Mr Smith is in the hall, will he please make himself _k_n_o_w_n_ (know) to me?
4. It makes people _k_n_o_w_ (know) the importance of protecting environment.
5. The machine doesn’t work. I must have it r_e_p_a_i_r_ed_ (repair) right now.

6. I have a letter _to__w_r_i_te_ (write). 7. Mr Smith, do you have something
_to__b_e_t_y_p_e_d__ (type)? 8. Professor Li had the students
_p_r_a_c_ti_s_in_g_ (practise) all morning. 9. I won’t have you _sa_y_ (say) such things.

第三类, 含命名意义的动词, 所接的宾补 一般是名词。 call, name, appoint, elect, make, consider 等 Call me Joe, please. She was elected the president of the company.

注意和双宾语区别: They have made me the chairman. (宾补) They have made me a nice chair.(直接宾语)

第四类, v + sb. + to do sth. 结构中的动 词, 所接的宾补一般是不定式。 advise, allow, ask, beg, cause, expect, force, get, help, inspire, invite, order, permit, persuade, remind, request, require, teach, tell, train, urge, want, warn, wish等

第五类, find, keep等几个词的用法非常灵 活,后面所接的宾补可以是形容词、副词、 词组、现在分词、过去分词等。 We found it very difficult to solve the problem. How can you keep them waiting for so long?

Suddenly I found my wallet had been stolen. Keep the door closed.

Ex. 2 on page 46
Dear Mr Foster, I am replying to your kind letter because our president is travelling abroad. Committee members recently appointed me their chairman and have asked me to tell you how much we all appreciate your donation.

It is shocking that so little has been done in the past for these children without parents and we believe it is important to get something done to help them as quickly as possible. Many of these children don’t know what it is like to wear clean clothes or sleep in a warm bed.

I have seen many of them sleeping in the street and begging for food. We have found it very difficult to raise the money we need to help them as many people are not concerned with their welfare.

We consider your offer of help to be a lifesaver for many of these poor children and cannot thank you enough.
Yours sincerely, Ms M Lynn Chairman Orphan Rescue Society

Answer key for Ex.1 on page 86.

1. to inform you 2. impossible

3. an honour

4. standing in the garden

5. in better health 6. fluent in English

7. going

8. tuned

Ex. 2 on page 86
1. None of us thinkitlikely that anyone survived the air crash.
2. The government is considering a law to make it illegal advertising cigarette.
to advertise

3. Jack made the most beautiful girl in the village as his wife.
4. Do you think advertising of great value when selling products?

go and play 5. Mum, if you let me go to play football,

I’ll spend tomorrow to help you with

the cleaning.


6. The complains from the tourists about

dishonest advertising left the travel

agency in an embarrassing situation.


1. The missing boy was last seen ____

near the river.

A. playing

B. to be playing

C. play

D. to play

2. I feel ____ unwise to give a child

whatever he or she wants.

A. that B. how C. it D. what

3. It is wise to have some money ___

for old age.

A. put away

B. kept up

C. given away

D. laid up

4. He slipped into the room, without

himself ____.

A. seen

B. being seen

C. seeing

D. to see

5. He found the street much ____.

A. crowd

B. crowding

C. crowded

D. crowdly

6. I think ___ necessary to learn

English well.

A. its

B. it

C. that

D. that is

7. Paul doesn’t have to be made ___.

He always works hard.

A. learn

B. to learn

C. learned D. learning

8. You can’t have the horse _____ all

the way. It’s too hot.

A. run

B. to run

C. running D. to be running

9. When I came back, I found the house _____ and everything _____. A. was broken; took away B. broken into; taken away C. had been broken; taken D. break into; take away

10. I heard that you were elected

_____this time.



B. the monitor C.

a monitor

D. my monitor

11. For a time his grandmother found

_____ accept his new idea.



B. it hard


it hard to

D. it is hard to

12. When I came back, I found nobody

___. It was empty.

A. on B. out C. in D. away

13. The speaker raised his voice but

still couldn’t make himself ______.

A. hear

B. to hear

C. hearing

D. heard

Fill in each blank with the proper verb forms.
1. I saw him e_n_t_e_r(enter) the room, t_a_k_e (take) something and g_o__ (go) out.
2. Please have these boxes _ca_r_r_i_e_d_ (carry) to the station right now.

3. They found an old woman _ly_i_n_g_ (lie) on the ground.
4. You’d better get a doctor _t_o_p_u_l_l (pull) out your bad tooth.
5. He sat listening to herc_l_im__b_i_n_g_ (climb) the stairs.

6. I don’t want that kind of thing t_o_k__ee_p_ (keep) happening.
7. He asked for the letter t_o__b_e_s_e_n_t (send) at once.
8. The workers were made t_o__w_o_r_k_ (work) extra hours every day.

Returning home, I found the book _m_i_s_si_n_g_ (miss ). That afternoon, I found her d__re_s_s_e_d_ (dress) in white.


1. Don’t leave the water __ while you

brush your teeth.

A. run

B. running

C. being run

D. to run

2. ---- Is Bob still performing?

---- I’m afraid not. He is said

________ the stage already as he has become an official. (05 江苏卷)

A. to have left

B. to leave

C. to have been left D. to be left

3. You should understand the traffic

rule by now. You’ve had it_______

often enough.


A. explaining

B. to explain

C. explain

D. explained

4. I really can’t understand ______

her like that.


A. you treat B. you to treat C.

why treat D. you treating

I. 根据括号内的汉语提示完成下列各句。
1. I was absent-minded when I suddenly _h_e_a_r_d__m_y__n_a_m__e_c_a_l_le_d_ (听到喊我的名字).
2. He had a strange way of __m_a_k_i_n_g__h_is___ _c_la_s_s_e_s_l_iv_e_l_y_a_n_d__in_t_e_r_e_st_i_n_g___ (使他的课 生动有趣).
3. The little girl doesn’t know how to _g_e_t _h_e_r_i_d_e_a_s_a_c_r_o_s_s _(讲清楚自己的意思).

4. We found everything in the lab _in__g_o_o_d_o_r_d_e_r__ (井然有序). 5. I won’t have him _c_h_e_a_t_m__e_l_ik_e__th_a_t_ (那 样骗我).
6. The poor guy watched his bed _ca_r_r_i_e_d_o_u_t_o_f__th_e__r_o_o_m_ (被搬出屋去).

II. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Due to the increased competition in the trade market, many companies have been
forced _t_o_c_l_o_s_e__ (close).
2. He looked around and caught a man
_p_u_t_t_in_g__ (put) his hand into the pocket of a
3. With trees, flowers and grass _p_la_n__te_d
(plant) everywhere, my hometown has taken on a new look. 4. The speaker raised his voice but still
couldn’t make himself h_e_a_r_d__ (hear).

5. The naughty boy was forbidden t_o__le_a_ve (leave) the house, as a punishment. 6. The doctor asked him not to leave his wound e_x_p_o_s_e_d_ (expose). 7. The result of the entrance exams was not made _k_n_o_w__n_ (know) to the public until last Thursday. 8. It’s so cold today; we must keep the fire _b_u_r_n_in_g_ (burn).


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